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5 Ways to break into the web / software development space without prior professional experience. With time, effort, and direction it can be done! Take it from me, I did it!

5 min

In this Glassdoor job review, we learn how a React frontend communicates to a postgres RDS database via a Django Rest API! Build your portfolio and show off your knowledge.

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9 min

Here we are following up to a three part tutorial. AWS, Restful API's, and React. Consume our product API and display the data in a react app!

Web Development
13 min

This post covers the product API I made in my last job post tutorial video. Learn the Django Rest Framework and make api development easy. Check out the video to show this API's interaction with AWS and React.

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15 min

I wanted to circle back around as a follow-up to our last post. In this tutorial we will get a basic Prometheus deployment up with minikube and alert outages to slack.

17 min

In SFS DevOps 02 we show you how to build a local kube cluster with minikube, monitor it, and then run a selenium test case against the app on our local. Once monitoring is done, we set up alerts to our slack.

Job Posting
38 min

Quickly set up a free tier kubernetes cluster in aws ec2 with kops. Join me as we walk through this task and add cluster creation to your tool belt

7 min

Linux is widely used in many companies, especially with servers. It can be difficult to practice linux skills and grow to prove that you are truly valuable in the most common areas. This post will describe ...

Web Development
6 min

In this blog, we walk through a job posting on glassdoor that requires ansible, jenkins, docker, terraform, and cloud experience. We will build a quick project to put in our portfolio.

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42 min